Using vouchers

If we have applied a voucher to your account, please firstly allow up to 2 hours for this to show as available.

Once it has applied, you will be able to view it in 2 places:

  •  The first is in the Profile section of your account under “My wallet”.It will be listed just beneath any card details you have already saved.

  • The second is in the checkout when ordering. Once your products added to the cart, click on "Proceed to Checkout" and go to step 3 "Payment and Billing Address"

The total available will be shown and you can edit the amount you would like to use before clicking “Apply”. When this is done, the chosen total will be removed from the overall price to pay. 

Store credit is only valid for 60 days (2 months). If the amount applied to the account is not used after 45 days, you will receive a reminder. A final reminder will be then sent on day 52 before the credit is automatically removed (on day 60).

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